Creating a winning campaign

4th November 2017

A mother’s family experience of meningitis 11 years ago has inspired her to create a successful campaign to persuade students to take up the ACWY vaccine

Winning campaign

Louise Boundy, from Bexleyheath in Kent, saw her baby son Alex struck down with e-coli meningitis. Thankfully Alex went on to make a good recovery, despite being left with lifelong after-effects.

Since then Louise, who works at NatWest, has supported our work through awareness and fundraising. But she had a brainwave when and saw a way to combine their annual student campaign with our ACWY campaign to create a winning formula. 

Combine the two

NatWest logo

“I work as a Learning Design Consultant at NatWest and knew that each year the bank runs a campaign to promote their Student Account” she told us. “I was also aware of the Student ACWY vaccination campaign that Meningitis Now runs and thought there might be an opportunity to work with the charity and combine the two campaigns in some way.”

“I made some phone calls and pulled together a team of people, formed of those who are responsible for the creation of the Student Account for NatWest, Mark Hunt the Marketing and Communications Director from the charity and a manager from National Express coaches.” 

Free information sheet

“When a student opens a NatWest Student Account, they receive a free National Express coach card. When they receive their coach card, they will now receive an information sheet giving them all the information they need about how to get the ACWY vaccine and the signs and symptoms of meningitis.” 

“The first leaflets were sent on 26 June and by October, it’s realistic to expect that between 30,000 and 40,000 leaflets will have been sent to students across the country.” 

“When I first had the idea of joining up the campaigns I never imagined that we would be able to reach this many people. Even if only a few people take notice and are vaccinated as a result of the work we’ve done, it’s potentially a few lives that have been saved.”

Huge team effort 

“This has been a huge team effort by a team of people who I had never met before and I’m very grateful to everyone who have given up their time to turn my idea into a reality. Without them it simply wouldn’t have happened.”

Mark Hunt added: “This was a brilliant idea from Louise and it has been hugely successful in getting vital information on the ACWY vaccine to this traditionally hard-to-reach group – we’re really grateful to her."