Cross-India tuk-tuk challenge

27th June 2016

Three friends are setting off on the adventure of a lifetime, driving 2,000 miles across India in a motorised tuk-tuk in memory of a friend who died from meningitis

Cross India tuk-tuk challenge

Joe Murray, Jacob Revell and Hamish Kidd, all aged 20, from Norwich, will be raising money for us from their challenge.

We supported the parents of their friend Ollie Towler Jones when he was struck down by meningitis in July 2014. Ollie’s mother, JoJo said: “It took just eight hours for meningitis to kill my son – he was just 18 years old.” Ollie had been at one of his favourite events of the year - the Latitude Festival – when he was struck down by the disease.

Put down to a hangover

“Ollie had had a very late night on the Friday and woke up Saturday morning feeling terrible, which he and all his friends put down to having a hangover,” JoJo said. “Ollie was sick and took some painkillers and then tried to get some sleep, thinking he would feel better in the afternoon. Four hours later Ollie was found. He was purple and unable to breathe or feel his legs.”

Ollie was transferred by helicopter to Norwich Hospital and put into a coma, but most of his organs had already failed and he died later that evening.

Get vaccinated

“My message to parents is please ensure you get your children vaccinated,” JoJo added.The three adventurers set off on their challenge at the beginning of August and are looking to raise £2,000. They’ve paid for the trip themselves and all money raised – so far over £1,000 – will be split between us and Cool Earth, an organisation working to prevent deforestation and climate change.

“It’s a daunting prospect to set off across India in what is little more than a glorified lawnmower,” Joe said, “but we’re all really looking forward to it and we’re sure the highs will outweigh the lows. It will be an amazing experience and if we can raise some money for these two fantastic causes that will be even better.” 

Support their fundraising efforts here

Cross India tuk-tuk challenge for Meningitis Now