Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

Diane tells meningitis to Jog On by raising funds and awareness

Clara Wiggins | 12th August 2019

From getting off the bus a stop early to walking round her flat during TV ad breaks – long-time supporter Diane shows the way to Jog On for Meningitis Now

Diane Kelly tells meningitis to Jog On

Diane has been an active supporter and campaigner for the charity for many years, after losing her son Simon aged just 21 months in 1975. She has helped us with fundraising and awareness raising in lots of different ways – including coffee mornings, raffles, crocheting jumpers and toilet roll holders and other activities.

But until now she hadn’t taken on something quite as energetic as Jog On Meningitis – which requires you to cover 50k in 50 days. As a 71-year-old with arthritis, she didn’t think such a physical challenge would be for her.

That was until she realised that you didn’t actually need to run the 50k – so long as you covered the distance in the time given, jogging, walking or even skipping it was fine. And now proud Diane, who lives in Northampton, has reached her goal and raised an impressive £130 to go into Simon’s Forever Fund in his memory.

“When I heard you could walk the 50k I thought to myself, "I can do this"," said Diane. “How, I didn’t know – but I decided I was going to do it.”

Racking up the kilometres

Early on in the challenge, Diane was looking round a new flat – and surprised the agent by opting to take the stairs instead of the lift. Later on, she found other ways to rack up the kilometres – including walking to the shops, getting off the bus early, and using the ad breaks in her favourite TV shows to walk in her circles. “The neighbours must have thought I was very strange!” said Diane. 

“But any chance I had, I got my pedometer on."

“I like walking, I always have and when I got to 50k it felt great, it really did! I’m really proud of myself.”

Meningitis Now Community Fundraiser Sarah Lockey agreed that Diane should be proud of her achievement and congratulated her on completing the challenge.

“It’s so great to hear how Diane has managed to complete 50k for Jog On even as a 71-year-old,” she said. 

“She’s such an inspiration to others and really goes to prove that everyone can get involved, whatever your age or situation.

“Thank you Diane – I hope you’re having a well-earned rest!”. 

To find out more about Jog On Meningitis and to sign up please visit our Jog On Meningitis page.

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