DoH Announces Funding For Children’s Prosthetics

4th January 2017

Limb Centres in England are now able to apply for funding of paediatric sports and activity limbs

Children's prosthetics

Until now there has been no dedicated funding for children’s sports and activity prostheses, meaning that young people with amputations or congenital limb loss may have been limited to standard prosthetics which are not always suitable for multi-terrain use or sports like running, football and cycling.

The funding, which forms a part of a larger budget allocation of £1.75m for prosthetics research, was announced in March last year and includes a £750k provision for new sports and activity prosthetics for child amputees on the NHS. 

The Department of Health has informed Limb Centres that funding can now be applied for, meaning that clinicians will be able to identify and work with patients who are eligible to receive the limbs. 

Whether it is being able to play outdoors all day, take part in competitive sport or just be more active with their friends at school, the option to have a dynamic prosthesis could open up a lot of new and exciting opportunities for many children.    

Applying for funding

NHS Limb Centres in England may request funds for individual prosthetics they have prescribed up to the value of £5000 for each limb (including all the associated costs of the new limb, such as a new socket).

LimbPower will be overseeing the distribution of the paediatric limb fund and will be contacting all Limb Centres to advise on the eligibility criteria and correct procedure for application of funds.

To find out more about this funding, and whether your child may be eligible, please speak to your Limb Centre. You can also contact us at or 0808 80 10 388.