Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Donations to Meningitis Now speaking volumes

Andy Hopkinson | 3rd April 2022

You don’t have to set out on an epic quest across Middle Earth in search of dragon’s gold to support your favourite cause – a solution could be much closer to home

Book donations to Meningitis Now speaking volumes

That’s the valuable lesson we were reminded of last week when we were the grateful recipients of a cheque for over £1,000, the proceeds of the sale at auction of a number of books left in a legacy.

Most of the books raised a small amount but one lot, a collection of JRR Tolkien books including old editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, raised nearly £500. 

They were in far from pristine condition and nor were they first editions, but they clearly had more than just sentimental value to the person who kindly left them to us, as well as the person who bid generously to buy them at auction. Thank you both.

Trevor Reid, our Director of Fundraising and Communications, said: “There was nothing particularly remarkable about this collection of books – it was just the random selection each and every one of us might have on our bookshelves at home.

Still make a difference

“It was a powerful reminder though that even those who might not be able to support our lifesaving and life-changing work with a cash legacy gift, particularly in these cash straitened times, can still make a difference to our work fighting meningitis. 

“A gift of household items, be it books, a painting, ceramics, or other everyday objects, can be just as significant. 

“As the many antique programmes we enjoy on our television screens every week demonstrate time and again, any of these may have greater value than you at first realise.”

Trevor continued: “It’s lovely to be able to celebrate gifts to our charity, large and small, and there’s always a story behind every donation. 

Today and for future generations

“And all these gifts mount up and can help us to be here not just today but for future generations affected by meningitis.”

Gifts in Wills from our supporters are a vital way to help us fulfil our vision of a future where no-one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Find out how you can leave a gift in your Will to Meningitis Now here.

We recommend you consult a solicitor before you make or change a Will (and also if you are considering an epic quest across Middle Earth in search of dragon’s gold).

There are also other ways to donate - find out more here.

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