Eager Beavers fight meningitis

14th February 2019

A nursery in Somerset with sad links to meningitis has signed up to our special scheme to help childcare providers fight the disease

Eager Beavers join Meningitis Awareness Recognition Scheme blog

Eager Beavers in the town of Street has been awarded a Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark (MARM), proving that all staff are trained to know signs and symptoms of the disease and what to do if a baby or child falls ill, as well as promoting vaccine take-up. 

The nursery has been involved with Meningitis Now for many years, with one particularly poignant link to the charity.

“We have been fundraising for Meningitis Now for nearly 20 years, and I am very proud that over that time we have raised nearly £7,000”, nursery owner Annette Stacey told us. 

“’It’s a cause very close to our hearts as one of our families has been affected by meningitis - sadly their daughter Jasmine Clare died."

“Although Jasmine never came to our nursery, her little sister Izzy did and parents Simon and Dina are our friends."

“We want to support them by raising as much money as we can in memory of Jasmine.”

One of the ways the nursery has been supporting the family and helping them raise awareness about the dangers of meningitis is to take part in Meningitis Now’s event for pre-schoolers, Toddle Waddle

“Whenever we do our Toddle Waddle, we always release two balloons before we start,” added Stacey. “One balloon to honour Jasmine and the other in memory of her sister Ellie, who tragically died in a car crash a few years after her sister passed away.”

As well as taking part in Toddle Waddle every year, Eager Beavers helps raise awareness about meningitis with a permanent display about the disease by their front door, where parents can help themselves to information cards and leaflets. 

The Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark features a checklist; on completion, each provider will be awarded the Mark, which demonstrates that they are providing information and training to staff about the signs and symptoms of meningitis and the action to take if a child is ill.