Eight marathon epic

23rd March 2019

Huddersfield-based teacher David Chew is running an incredible eight marathons in eight days to raise money for Meningitis Now after he nearly lost his nephew to the disease

David Chew eight marathons blog

Starting on 15 June with a run in Leeds, David plans to then run another marathon every day for the following six days around his local area, have a day off – and then finish off with an amazing double marathon around the Yorkshire peaks on 22 June. He is hoping to raise a total of £1,500 for his superhuman efforts. 

David’s eight marathon challenge started after his nephew Oliver fell ill with meningitis in August 2018. 

“Luckily, he was taken to hospital to be checked – just to be on the safe side,” said David. “Upon arrival, the doctor immediately took him to resus – we very nearly lost him there.”

Oliver was moved from resus to a ward and later that evening put on a ventilator, fully sedated and given a blood transfusion. He was finally stabilised and transferred to Leeds General Infirmary – where he spent 10 days in intensive care. 

“Thankfully he gradually improved and has made a full recovery, but it was, as you can imagine, a very difficult time for the family so I am determined to do something challenging and raise as much money as possible.”

David also praised the hospital staff in Leeds who saved Oliver. “They were great,” he added.

Mental challenge

A keen sportsman who loves a challenge, this will not be the first time David has tackled a marathon.

“I started doing a few half marathons several years ago, but I have never classed myself as a runner,” he said. “Then I did my first marathon a year ago in Nottingham and followed this up with the Huddersfield Marathon in June last year. 

“Next I did a challenge in that same month called “The Wall”, which was running from Carlisle to Newcastle – I quite like the mental challenge!”

And as if all that wasn’t enough, David was successful in getting a place in the London Marathon in April – which will give him a chance to warm up for his eight-day epic later in the year.  

In awe

Meningitis Now CEO Dr Tom Nutt – who is also training to take part in the London Marathon this year – said he was in complete admiration of David’s incredible efforts.

“As I am also training for a marathon, I know how hard it is – so to be doing not just one but multiple runs is extraordinary,” he said. “I am in awe!”

To support David please visit his Just Giving page here.

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