Experiencing work at Meningitis Now

28th July 2019

"I’m Ruth and I have spent the last three days doing my year 10 work experience at Meningitis Now"

Experiencing work at Meningitis Now

“Every day I’ve seen new, fascinating aspects of the charity and how each department plays a role in making a massive difference in people’s lives."

“Before I came, I had done the charity’s Five Valleys Walk, but I did not know much about meningitis, septicaemia or Meningitis Now, so didn’t know what to expect spending a week with them. However, as soon as I arrived with my friend Grace we felt so welcomed and we enjoyed hearing about all the different things they do to help and support those affected my meningitis." 

Interested in charities

“Luckily, I haven’t been affected by meningitis or septicaemia myself, but felt Meningitis Now would be a good place to do my work experience with as I have always been interested in charities and the work they do. I’ve seen many of the different events they do in the community, and I want to get involved with more. I am planning to continue doing the Five Valleys Walk as well as a bake sale in school to raise money and awareness in our community." 

“Now I can go back to school and tell my friends all about meningitis!”