Parents celebrate meningitis victim Mia's life

24th November 2017

In March 2016, 18-month-old Mia sadly lost her life to meningitis

Becky and Matt wedding

Her parents, Becky and Matt, have stayed strong throughout their heartbreak both individually and as a couple, and recently got married on what would have been Mia’s third birthday.

Here, Becky tells us about their special day.

“Me and Matt have been together for 10 years and always vowed to each other after our Mia died, that we would always stay by each other's side. We wanted people not to forget our Mia on her birthday, so this year on 14 September we got married on what would have been her third birthday. Some family members thought we must be mad to choose that day, but this was so special to us.”

“Our Mia was very much part of our big day - her pictures were everywhere and we felt her with us all day. We all did a balloon release in memory of her, and our day was lovely and really special. We miss our little girl so much and we keep each other going. There is a gorgeous little girl up in heaven helping her mummy and daddy through life, as we somehow try to rebuild our lives without her. To some people it may look like we are getting over this, but that is one thing we will never be able to do. Each day we put on a smile and try to get through the day.”