A fantastic family day in memory of Faye

29th June 2016

A fundraising day was held at Teston Park, Kent, in memory of 2 year old Faye Burdett.

Faye's Day

‘Faye’s Day’ was organised by parents and staff of Mucky Munchkins playgroup in Maidstone and included a sponsored ‘Toddle Waddle’ followed by an afternoon of fun family activities.

The day was a great success with a fantastic turnout and an incredible £11,800 raised in Faye's name. All proceeds will go to Meningitis Now and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Rachel from Mucky Munchkins said:

“When Faye lost her battle with Meningitis B on Valentine's Day this year, the other families and I were shocked and devastated.

“We all had a huge urge to do something to show our support to Faye's mum Jenny, dad Neil and the rest of her heartbroken family and friends. 

“We wanted them to realise that we will always remember Faye and her tragic death will not be in vain - our families have learned a lot about how to spot the signs and symptoms of Meningitis, the different strains of it and how fast you have to act to save a life." 

Faye’s mum, Jenny Burdett said:

“Both Neil and I are totally overwhelmed by the generosity of local people and friends who have helped organise the day and have donated prizes.”

To make a donation visit the Just Giving page here.

Read more about Faye's story, and her family's incredible work on the Men B petition here.