Festive bake sale raises funds to fight meningitis

21st December 2015

A brave student has been raising funds for us and meningitis awareness just weeks after fighting back from the disease

Festive bake blog

Sixteen-year-old Mollie, from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, felt under the weather on 20 October 2015, but not too ill to go to college

However, her condition quickly deteriorated and she went home, before being taken to hospital. 

Her mum, Sarah, said: “Thankfully, we have been one of the lucky ones and she's now made a full recovery."

“Getting Mollie to hospital quickly saved her life. The medical staff all said it was the speed in getting the medication in her system and the timing that had saved her."

“I can never thank all the staff who treated her at Calderdale A&E and ICU departments enough for saving her from this frightening infection."

To mark her recovery Travel and Tourism student Mollie held a festive cake bake at Kirklees College, donning our orange T-shirts to get noticed and raising money to help our fight back against the disease.

The day was a resounding success, raising £167.41. A huge thank you to Mollie and her class mates for their support.

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