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19th October 2015

16 - 25 year olds are encouraged to ‘Fight For Now’ with the launch of our new website

fight for now

As part of our first 'Student Awareness Week' (19 – 25 October), we are launching a brand new website, targeted at 16–25 year olds, to raise awareness of meningitis among young people.

“The site is designed to create an experience that’s relevant, innovative, easy to use and more interactive. One of the key aspects that sets the new site apart is its relevance to young people, which was a key factor in its creation. With this in mind, all the content has been written by those who fall within our target age group. Our young ambassadors have played a key role in the creation of this site and will continue to act as a voice for young people across the platform.”

Mark Hunt, Head of Communications 

The new site launches as part of our new student focused initiative. We are working closely with schools and universities to raise awareness of meningitis within the 16-25 age group.

“Hangovers, ‘Fresher’s Flu’ and STI’s will be familiar terms for first year students when thinking about their health, but they might be surprised to learn that they are also at a high risk of contracting meningitis. Freshers are particularly vulnerable to some types of meningitis. The simple fact that they will be one of hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming together to live in close proximity to share their student experiences adds to their vulnerability.”

Mark Hunt, Head of Communications 

A rise in cases of MenW led to the introduction of the ACWY vaccine in the UK in August, free on the NHS for all 17 to 18-year-olds and university fresher’s (aged 19 to 25).

Vaccines do not prevent all types of meningitis so knowing the signs and symptoms continues to be vital. Identifying meningitis is not always easy as early symptoms can be missed or mistaken for something else, including flu or hangovers - especially at the start of term when so many students are suffering from ‘Fresher’s’ Flu’. 

Symptoms can include sickness, fever, cold hands and feet, muscle pain, headaches, confusion, irritability, a rash and dislike of bright lights.

Learn the Signs and Symptoms

Meningitis Now student microsite - Fight for now

Fight For Now

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