Meningitis Now staff member Rachel Oakley

Freya's artistic fundraiser for Meningitis Now

Rachel Oakley | 11th June 2020

With the coronavirus lockdown putting a hold on her career as a tattoo artist, Freya has been finding other creative outlets, while helping to raise vital funds for Meningitis Now

B&A peer mentor Freya painting to raise money for Meningitis Now

Freya, one of our inspirational Believe & Achieve Peer Mentors, had finished her art degree in the summer of 2016, just before she became seriously unwell with bacterial MenB meningitis.

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Despite being left with a number of after-effects, she began pursuing - and achieving - her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. However, like many others, she currently finds herself unable to work as the Covid-19 pandemic continues - but that hasn’t stopped Freya’s creativity from shining through, as she explains:

“The start of the lockdown made me feel incredibly anxious. The news was constantly mentioning intensive care, which reminded me of my time in ICU with meningitis.

“I find that art helps to remove me from the world of the bad news and helps me focus on something different. I am a tattoo artist so I had to stop working during the lockdown period, which just gave me more time to think about what was going on in the world. Looking for new creative outlets, deciding crochet wasn’t for me after crocheting some truly terrible socks, I realised I’ve never painted using watercolour before and I decided it was the best time to learn. 

Needed people more than ever

“Meningitis Now has helped me in more ways than I can say in the three years since I had meningitis. I read that charities would be badly hit due to the coronavirus and needed people more than ever to raise money at this time and I decided to partake in the 2.6 challenge. I decided to create and sell 26 watercolour paintings with the profits going to Meningitis Now. 

“At the time of writing this, I’ve sold 20 paintings and have one more painting to do. You can see what I’ve been up to as well as my other artwork on my Instagram @Freyavstattoo.”

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