Fundraising in memory of Koa

20th April 2018

Rangers FC are holding a collection at this weekend’s match, to raise money in memory of Koa Brock, who sadly died from meningitis last week


Koa’s dad Barry is a big Rangers fan and last weekend, thanks to the power of social media, a huge balloon release took place at the game between Rangers and Celtic, to honour Koa’s short life.

This Sunday, 22 April, will see a charity collection in aid of Meningitis Now at the Ibrox stadium. Volunteers from the charity, Rangers FC and Koa’s family, will be at the stadium from 10:30am collecting donations and handing out signs and symptoms cards.

These signs and symptoms cards are handy, wallet sized cards, which list the common symptoms of the disease. This information will also be shown on the big screen, alongside photos of Koa, and a text to donate number.

Callum Hendry, son of Former Rangers player and Scotland captain Colin Hendry, has offered his condolences to Koa’s family, and is keen to raise awareness of meningitis in Scotland. Callum said, “I was really sad to hear about Koa’s death, and my thoughts are with his family at this tough time.”

“I don’t know what it’s like to lose a son, but I do know what it’s like to lose someone so close and dear to you - you feel empty. I lost my mum due to complications in hospital including meningitis, and I know how devastating it can be for those left behind.”

“Rangers has a special place in my heart; I’ve been a fan growing up and my dad Colin used to play for them in the 90s – so I would like to encourage everyone going to the Rangers game on Sunday to donate whatever they can to Meningitis Now, so they can continue doing such a wonderful job supporting families who have been affected by this horrible disease.”

Meningitis Now founder Steve Dayman has also offered his sincere condolences to Barry Brock and Haley Hamilton, parents of eight month old Koa.

Steve said, “We are saddened to learn of this case of meningitis, and extend our thoughts and best wishes to the family.”

“Koa’s sad story acts a reminder of how quickly meningitis can strike. Learning the signs and symptoms of meningitis is one of the best ways to protect your family from meningitis.”

“We encourage everyone going to the Rangers game on Sunday to pick up a signs and symptoms card – it could save someone’s life.”