Getting Busy

20th February 2017

Busy Bees announces Meningitis Now as National Charity Partner

Busy Bees

Busy Bees, the UK’s largest provider of quality childcare, has announced that it will be supporting Meningitis Now, throughout 2017.

Meningitis is the disease most feared by parents and can strike children, teenagers and adults of all ages quickly and with little warning. Thousands of people across the UK are affected by viral and bacterial meningitis each year, and with one in ten who contract bacterial meningitis losing their life and one in three being left with lifelong disabilities, knowing the symptoms and reacting quickly is crucial to saving lives.

Vaccinations against some types of meningitis are available in the UK and are offered to babies from two months old, but despite this there are still thousands of cases of meningitis in the UK every year. Meningitis Now has been dedicated to fighting the disease for 30 years and funds vital research into the prevention of meningitis, in order to achieve a future where no one loses their life to the disease. We are also devoted to supporting families affected by the deadly disease and helps them to rebuild their lives. 

The money that Busy Bees raises this year across its 267 UK nurseries will make a substantial contribution to the £3million that Meningitis Now needs to continue its life-saving work, including ground-breaking research projects, family support services and community awareness campaigns. 

Steve Dayman, Executive Founder of Meningitis Now, said: 

“We are very excited about the prospect of working with Busy Bees and the opportunity it offers to inform staff and parents about the importance of knowing key meningitis signs and symptoms. The commitment Busy Bees are making to pilot our Meningitis Awareness Mark programme within their nurseries will act as beacon of excellence for all pre-school groups, across the UK, as it defines a clear standard of meningitis knowledge that will become the mark of assurance for parents entrusting their children in to this type of childcare." 

"As a charity, we receive no money from government and can only fund the work we do in research, awareness and supporting people by the generous donations we receive. To be nominated as Busy Bees’ charity of the year is a great honour and one that will, through its donations, go a long way in helping achieve these aims.”