Getting muddy to fight meningitis

16th April 2016

A team of opticians and their friends are focusing on getting muddy by taking on a Tough Mudder challenge for us

Tough Mudder blog

Siobhan Carmichael, who works at Specsavers in Runcorn, has persuaded 16 colleagues, family and friends from there and a neighbouring store to take on the 11 mile, 21 obstacle course at Cholmondeley Malpas in Cheshire on Sunday 11 September.

“When I was younger I contracted meningococcal septicaemia,” Siobhan said. “Luckily I came out with no lasting effects, but so many people aren’t as lucky as me. It really brought home to my family how important it is to know the symptoms, as the out of hours doctor who saw me told my mum it was chicken pox. Luckily she didn’t take his advice of putting me to bed and an ambulance blue lighted me straight to hospital on a drip.”

Looking forward to the challenge

Siobhan recovered well and has gone on to do sponsored runs and an abseil last year for charity, but nothing as challenging as a Tough Mudder before.

“I’m looking forward to it,” she said. “It’ll be a real challenge but I’d encourage anyone thinking of signing up to ‘just do it – challenge yourself!”

To sponsor the group and support their efforts you can visit their online fundraising page here. The target is to raise £250 each.

“We’d like to thank Siobhan and the other team members for supporting our lifesaving and life-changing work,” said our event organiser Rachel Oakley.

“We rely on the energy and enthusiasm of our supporters to raise the funds we need each and every day to continue our vital research, awareness and support work. Events like this make a real difference to those who are at risk from meningitis and those whose lives have already been changed forever because of it.”

Meningitis Now fundraising event - Tough Mudder

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