3D printed prosthetics for children suffering limb loss

20th November 2017

There’s amazing – we see plenty of that in our work

Team Unlimbited

And then there’s really amazing. Take the extraordinary achievements of Team Unlimbited – a collaboration by British volunteers Drew Murray and Stephen Davies.

They design, make and fit 3D printed prosthetics for children. They make them in any colour to reflect and show off their recipient’s personality. And they do all this from Stephen’s garden shed. For free. Children just need to strap them on and they’re away. The simple act of straightening the elbow clenches the fist. Stephen’s been wearing one of his own designs for the last two years. The pair collaborate on developing and improving the devices that are on offer.

Benefit of all

Steve says: “We hope that our work can raise awareness and help progress the development of 3D printed assistive devices for the benefit for all."

“All the work we do is voluntary and recipient devices are provided for free; we fund the work ourselves and commit our own time to this cause.”

Watch the amazing short film about their work here and find out more about what they do on the website.

Steve adds, “If you can make us a donation that would be awesome; your donations will help us to continue doing what we love – giving the world a helping hand.”