Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

Fundraising Donation Stations with Meningitis Now corporate partner GWR

Clara Wiggins | 25th October 2019

Every year Meningitis Now celebrates our partnership with Great Western Railway by raising money at stations in the area around our head office in Stroud

Meningitis Now fundraising with GWR with bucket collections at stations

This year, our Individual Giving Officer Crissy Spice went along and wrote this report about the day:

“On Tuesday 22 October, fundraisers for Meningitis Now descended upon every station between Cheltenham and Reading for our annual Donation Stations event. In true #teamtangerine style, we were head to toe in orange, full of enthusiasm and ready to meet with some our most generous supporters - the general public."

“With over twenty members of staff and volunteers, we were spread across seventy miles of the UK and raised an incredible £500. We also handed out an enormous number of signs and symptoms cards and it is this that we are particularly proud off. Spreading awareness is a pivotal part of our charity’s aims as the more information that’s out there, the fewer families will have to go through the pain and trauma that meningitis can cause."

Meningitis Now fundraising with GWR with bucket collections at stations


“This special event wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful partners at Great Western Railway (GWR). The bond we have with GWR is so warming: not only do they allow us to raise awareness all day on several of their platforms across the country, but they supplied us with tea on what was a very cold day, they gave us their change when ‘business’ was slow, and they shared some encouraging ideas for further fundraising."

Ellie White, our social media assistant, was based at Cheltenham Spa station and said, “Having the opportunity to meet our partners was amazing, and it was really heart-warming to see how much they valued the partnership”."

“We also noticed that previous fundraising certificates were being displayed proudly for all to see in Cheltenham Spa station. Staff have invited us back to collect again at the station for the Cheltenham Races in November, another sign of their ongoing support and ideas to help us raise both funds and awareness."

Continues to strengthen

“The relationship between Meningitis Now and GWR is a partnership that continues to strengthen and everyone at the charity is so grateful for their incredible support. Members of GWR staff recently gave their time to volunteer at our flagship event, the Five Valleys Walk, and be part of a day that saw 2,000 participants get involved to help raise funds for Meningitis Now."

Matt Stephenson, Meningitis Now’s Corporate Fundraiser, said, “With the continued backing of our amazing corporate partners GWR, and the generosity of our incredible supporters, we hope to return next year for what can only be described as a very successful event".”

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