Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Junior Ambassador Harmonie-Rose features in children's book

Andy Hopkinson | 8th December 2020

Our wonderful ever-achieving Junior Ambassador Harmonie-Rose is now featuring in a children’s storybook designed to provide comfort this Christmas

Meningitis Now Junior Ambassador Harmonie-Rose features in children's book

Seven-year-old Harmonie-Rose features in the children’s illustrated storybook ‘Covi, the Little Christmas Dinosaur’ written by author Susie Cullen and illustrated by Chay Winter.

Harmonie-Rose meets Covi, who is a little green dinosaur sent by Santa to save Christmas. The book is the third tale in the series ‘The Adventures of Covi, the Little Green Dinosaur'. 

Susie’s first two books - ‘Covi, the Little Green Dinosaur’ and ‘Covi, the Little Seaside Dinosaur’ – proved hugely successful.

In the new book, Covi becomes a hero when he stands in for Santa to deliver presents to children during a Christmas lockdown.

Story of kindness and hope

When Covi visits Harmonie-Rose, the little girl is wide awake. He pops her on his knee to tell her a magical story of kindness and hope for the world.

Susie said: “Covi is a helpful little dinosaur who came to help the children when the world was stuck by Covid-19. 

“As a T-Rex, Covi, like Harmonie-Rose, has limb differences that do not stop him doing anything he wants! As a strong supporter of inclusivity for all, I am thrilled that Harmonie-Rose’s parents agreed I could feature her in the Christmas tale. 

“Her own story is such an inspiration, and I hope that other children (and adults) with limb differences will be as pleased as I am to see that dinosaurs and Santa do not discriminate!”

Meningitis Now Junior Ambassador Harmonie-Rose features in children's book

The latest book was commissioned by Singapore-based publisher British Theatre Playhouse in association with Worldwide Entertainment.

Amazing we can feature Harmonie

Cecilia Leong-Faulkner, Chief Executive of British Theatre Playhouse, said: “Covi the little green dinosaur is a fantastic character and it’s amazing that we can feature Harmonie-Rose in the story too.

“This year has been very difficult for children with the Covid-19 pandemic, schools being closed and families in lockdown but this story is uplifting and inspirational and can really show children that we can come through this if we are all brave and determined.

“We hope parents, teachers, and, of course, little readers will love Covi's Christmas adventure as much as we’ve enjoyed producing it with Susie.”

For every book sold, 50 pence will be donated to Harmonie-Rose’s charity of choice. 

The paperback, which will be available on Amazon just in time for Christmas, costs £9.99, and the ebook, which is available for pre-sale from 24 November, will be just £3.99.