Helping families understand meningitis

30th November 2015

Meningitis strikes quickly and its impact can change lives within a matter of hours

Lillie Mai blog letterbox

The speed at which the disease takes hold can mean that those affected don't have the time they need to fully comprehend what is happening to them or a loved one.

We know how distressing meningitis is, and the devastating impact it can have. It may be years before people fully understand and come to terms with the impact meningitis has had upon their lives.

14-week-old Lillie Mai was too young to realise what was happening to her when she contracted meningitis in 2010. She fought for her life and lost both legs above the knee and her left arm above the elbow as a result of the disease. 

Lillie Mai's mum, Belinda, has written a short story about Lillie Mai's experience to help her understand what happened to her and help her prepare for a future living with the impacts of the disease. We hope sharing this story helps more families living with the impact of meningitis.

“I made Lillie a story to help her understand a little more about what happened to her when she contracted meningitis and I think it would benefit other children and young adults who have suffered similar affects. It’s really helped us and I’d love to help others.”

Belinda Little, Lillie Mai’s mum

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By sharing your meningitis story you can help us raise awareness about the disease and its impact. Many people also find the experience of writing their story down therapeutic. Share your story here