Hereford youngster makes a splash with new underwater kit

10th June 2015

Herefordshire-based tot Eisa Ishaque is getting on swimmingly with new underwater hearing equipment

Eisa blog

Following a plea from Eisa’s mother, Meningitis Now has funded an innovative Aqua+ kit for Eisa, enabling the 5-year-old to hear in water. 

Eisa is profoundly deaf after contracting E Coli meningitis at just one month old. 

In September 2013, Eisa was fitted with bi-lateral cochlear implants to provide him with hearing in both ears. 

The Aqua+ is a flexible waterproof casing that protects these cochlear implants underwater, enabling Eisa to swim with them in. This casing means that the implant can be submerged under three meters of water for up to two hours.

Eisa’s mother, Azra Ishaque, said: 

“I have been taking Eisa swimming for years and have always been at the side of the pool so I could sign for him. Even though the instructors at the pool have been fantastic, getting in the pool with him and helping as much as they can, I felt that he has still been limited."

“Eisa wasn’t progressing as quickly with his swimming as the other children, and now that he is starting swimming lessons with his school, I was worried that he would get left behind without the additional help he needs."

“This new kit means that Eisa is able to gain access to sound in the water for the first time. As the instructors at school don’t swim with the children, Eisa will find it harder to follow instructions. But, having this kit means he will be able to understand instructions better and can progress safely and confidently with the other children. It also provides me with more re-assurance to send him swimming with the school."

“Eisa has been really excited to go swimming again with the Aqua+. We are delighted with the difference it has made and the support we have received from Meningitis Now.”

As part of a diverse support scheme offered to those affected by meningitis, the charity has funded ongoing support for Eisa including three years of Auditory Verbal Therapy.

Meningitis Now awards more than £250,000 every year to those affected by meningitis. Grants help to reduce the financial pressures faced following the disease. Funding helps families with a variety of needs, such as specialist equipment, therapy, travel and accommodation for hospital visits, training, funeral and headstone expenses, and rehabilitation.

You can apply for a financial grant or to find out more about support offered here