Hollywood meets Bollywood

28th November 2016

A huge thank you to our supporters Surj and Quentin Stott from Lincoln, for organising their second Sunflower Ball, in memory of their son Dylan

Bollywood fundraiser

The event took the theme of ‘Hollywood and Bollywood’, giving guests the chance to don their gladrags and dress up as glamorous film stars.

Our own founder Steve Dayman was one of the guests. “It was a wonderful and beautifully organised event, as always”, he said “and a lovely way to remember Dylan.”

Dylan sadly died, aged just 21 months in early August 2005. Surj said: “That day was a day that started like any other. However, at around 2pm Dylan woke from his afternoon nap with a fever and vomited. He was off colour over the next couple of hours and just wanted to be held and cuddled.

“By bath time his temperature had dropped. He played with his sister, ran around the house as usual and later on watched bedtime TV. He enjoyed his Noddy story at around 7pm and then we put him to bed. We felt he was over the worst, and would be back to his normal self by the morning.”

But by 1am Dylan had died.

Our world was in turmoil

“Our world was in turmoil” Surj added. “It was a horrific and tragic time for all the family. You have to keep going, you have to get out of bed every day and continue to survive for the sake of each other. Dylan touched so many people’s hearts and will never ever be forgotten. He was one in a million. He bought a lot of joy into our lives, and we have so many memories of him. The way he was always smiling, happy and contented; his cheeky grin and his beautiful big brown eyes.”

Steve was in touch with the family at the time and they have been staunch charity supporters ever since, sharing our aims and supporting our work.

And their latest fundraiser will certainly help with that. It raised an amazing £17,138, including £10,000 from the auction alone, for our ongoing work, and will help to ensure that we move ever closer to our vision where no one dies from meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need. It brings their overall fundraising total for us to over £150,000.

Thank you to Surj and Quentin for everything you do, and everyone who supported them at the ball. Our picture shows Surj, in full Bollywood finery, making a cameo appearance on stage.