Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Celebrating Meningitis Now's nurse-led Helpline on International Nurses Day

Andy Hopkinson | 12th May 2022

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of the birth of perhaps the most famous nurse of them all – Florence Nightingale

Celebrating Meningitis Now's Helpline on International Nurses Day

We're sure even the renowned Lady with the Lamp, arguably the founder of modern nursing, would want to join us in using this special day to pay tribute to the wonderful nurses behind our own nurse-led meningitis Helpline at Meningitis Now.

At Meningitis Now we’re all too well aware that life after meningitis can be tough and it can be difficult to know where to turn to for help, support and information. So, it’s reassuring to know that our confidential, nurse-led Helpline is here to provide that vital emotional support, answer your questions and explain more about the support that we can provide to those fighting back from meningitis,

It’s not just us who think this. Comments from those who have been in touch with the Helpline make it very clear how much they value the service. For example, here are just a few of the recent comments our Helpline nurses have received by way of positive feedback…

So reassuring

“Thank you so much, I was given no information when I left hospital with viral meningitis. It has been so reassuring to speak with xxx today. I feel so much better knowing that how I feel is normal. Thank you.”

“We had a few questions about the treatment of our daughter and have been getting conflicting information from the hospital. The nurse at Meningitis Now gave us clear information and suggested some questions to ask the doctors. Thank you for this service.”  

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, we both really appreciate it. The thought that there is someone out there that actually understands what you are talking about and can offer real help and understanding is such a relief. Many and sincere thanks.” 

Such a useful service

“Thank you for offering such a useful service. I have been trying to get an answer to my question from various health professionals and had conflicting information. You answered my question straight away and gave me a webpage to confirm this. Thank you.” 

“Thank you so much for your quick and extensive response which I didn’t expect! Your response helped me understand much more, thank you. As per your suggestion I will discuss this with my family doctor and hopefully I can get a referral to a specialist.”  

“I got far more information about recovery from calling you today than I have had over the past year from my GP. So glad I found you. Thank you.”

So, here’s a big thank you on International Nurses Day to our nurse-led Helpline team of Claire, Caroline, Jane and Bev.

Celebrate their commitment

Our Chief Executive, Tom Nutt, said: “We know what a valuable service our nurse-led Helpline provides, and the invaluable support and information they supply to those facing the devastation of meningitis, either themselves or to a loved family member. 

“It’s good to have this opportunity to publicly acknowledge this and celebrate their commitment and achievements.” 

Through our nurse-led Helpline we can answer your questions about meningitis and its after-effects; support you by listening and take the time to talk through your concerns following an experience of meningitis. We can also be the first point of contact for anyone seeking emotional or financial support following a bereavement.

Our Helpline nurses can refer you to our Community Support team for ongoing support, and to other organisations who can help; give you information and guidance on applying to our Rebuilding Futures Fund; and provide information about meningitis vaccines. 

Answer your questions

Even if you haven’t been affected by meningitis, the Helpline is here to answer any questions you might have, whether that’s about meningitis, its signs and symptoms or meningitis vaccines. What we can’t do is diagnose or give medical advice.

If you have a question or a concern, please do get in touch. 

You can phone the Helpline on 0808 80 10 388 (9am-4pm Monday - Thursday and 9am - 1pm Friday); email; write to Helpline, Meningitis Now, Fern House, Daniels Industrial Estate, Bath Rd, Stroud GL5 3TJ or contact us on social media through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just send a private message with the subject line ‘Helpline’. 

Calls to our Helpline are free from landlines and mobile phones within the UK.

Our Helpline is a full member of The Helplines Partnership, ensuring that we always deliver a high-quality service.

For more on International Nurses Day visit the International Council of Nurses (ICN) website at The ICN is a federation of more than 130 national nurses’ organisations, representing the more than 27 million nurses worldwide.

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