Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

Corporate partner Enable Law host It's a Knockout for Meningitis Now

Clara Wiggins | 21st September 2019

Earlier this week a group of enthusiastic Meningitis Now staff took part in an unusual fundraiser with a group of our supporters. Individual Giving and Marketing Officer Crissy Spice went along – and told us about the day

Meningitis Now corporate It's a knockout event

"What a way to spend a Wednesday! This week a team of 14 Meningitis Now staff headed down to Bristol to take part in ‘It’s a Knockout’ and none of us really knew what to expect."

"We were joined by a group of over 80 other individuals from our corporate partner Enable Law and their associates: 100 individuals all there to build relationships, have fun and raise money for a great cause. After a slightly shy start, everyone got stuck in and all inhibitions were lost following my colleague Matt’s fantastic dance warm up performance. His enthusiasm put everyone at ease – no-one thought they looked silly anymore and we were all ready to take part in some fun filled, competitive games."

"We were split down into eight teams of eight individuals of mixed organisations and challenged to six different tasks. It was great to see how quickly teams bonded and as a team building day I don’t think you could have found a more eager and engaged group of people. The laughter was infectious throughout the whole morning but there was plenty of gentle rivalry.  As if the morning couldn’t get any better the weather really held out and after the final score tally (slightly disappointing for my team, but well-done winners!), we all headed off to grab some food and dry off in the gorgeous sunshine."

"The afternoon was a really special point in the day and I was pleasantly surprised to find how interested our partners were in what we did - having spoken to a few of my colleagues I found that they experienced the same thing. Never have we been more delighted to talk so much about what we do! Our Thursday return to the office really highlighted how brilliant the day had been as it was all people could talk about. Our very own head of fundraising, Beth, commented that she “loved how the activities just put everyone on a level playing field”. It really didn’t matter what your fitness abilities were, your age or who you worked for - it was just all about coordination, cooperation and teamwork."

Meningitis Now corporate It's a knockout event

"Our day at ‘It’s a Knockout’, was one of a series of fundraising events that Enable Law have hosted to raise vital funds for Meningitis Now and we can’t thank them enough. Their commitment to our cause is so warmly appreciated and having the opportunity to meet some of their staff who have contributed to this was wonderful. Through this partnership Rob Antrobus from Enable Law and our very own CEO Tom Nutt have built a strong relationship and indeed have recently both completed a charity sky dive. In the spirit of true comaradary, they worked together to organise this day both openly insisting they would blame the other if the day didn’t go so well. Needless to say, the day was a roaring success and to quote Tom it was “a great reflection of our ethos at Meningitis Now… we are serious and passionate about what we do and can achieve so much more by working together in partnership”.

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