Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Jacqui goes on the run to fight meningitis

Andy Hopkinson | 23rd March 2021

One supporter who got her heart racing by taking on a series of runs for the February Accumulator Challenge for us was Jacqui Dunlop, from Ayr in Scotland

Jacqui's February running challenge for Meningitis Now

Mum of two Jacqui finished her final run one year to the day that her son Daniel was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Fortunately, Daniel went on to make a good recovery and is now thriving. 

And her efforts have contributed a fantastic £280 towards our ongoing work as well as winning her a special heart medal on completion of the challenge. 

The February Accumulator Challenge from Great Run challenged supporters to complete 14 runs of any distance during February.

Jacqui told us: “I really enjoyed the challenge and committing to doing regular runs and hope to do more in the future.  If I ever didn’t feel like going or if it got tough I would just think of Daniel and what he went through and that would spur me on.”

Making a grunting sound

Daniel was just seven weeks old when he became ill. “He was very unsettled and making a grunting sound as he cried,” Jacqui said. “He also had a temperature and was sick and whilst these are all real causes for concern the fact that I couldn’t console him was truly heart wrenching.”

Daniel was rushed to hospital and tests confirmed he had meningitis. “I stayed with Daniel in hospital for six days, isolated in a room until the type of meningitis was confirmed,” Jacqui added. “This was extremely tough as we also had a 2-year-old child at home who wanted his mummy.”

Our Fundraising Officer Leah Wynn said: “Well done Jacqui on completing your challenge and raising such a fabulous amount – and thank you for your support. 

“We rely on the energy and enthusiasm of our supporters to raise the funds we need each and every day to continue our vital research, awareness and support work.”

You can read Daniel’s full story here.

Do you fancy taking on a fundraising challenge? Try Jog On Meningitis! Grab your trainers, jog, run or walk 50km over 50 days, raise £50 and help us to save lives and rebuild futures. Find out more and sign up here.