Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Keeping in touch with The Believe and Achieve Trust

Andy Hopkinson | 27th January 2021

Many of you will remember our first Young Ambassador Alex Williams and the inspirational work he carried out in that role for us

Meningitis Now CEO Tom catches up with Believe and Achieve Trust

Sadly, many of you will also know that Alex had a stroke in 2012 as a direct result of the after-effects of meningitis and passed away.

The Believe and Achieve Trust was set up in 2014 by Alex’s family to continue his work in and around Greater Manchester and took its name from his motto. Alex really believed that if you put your mind to it you could achieve anything. 

We have kept in close contact with Alex’s mum Alison at The Believe and Achieve Trust and had plans to work closely together to help raise meningitis awareness with students across the region – before the pandemic arrived and these plans had to be put on hold.

On Monday our chief executive Tom Nutt met up online with Alison Williams and Niall Pickles from The Believe and Achieve Trust for a catch-up and a wide-ranging discussion about the challenges Covid-19 has brought to both our charities over the last year.

Despite the significant impact of Covid-19, particularly with fundraising and the face-to-face meetings which are the lifeblood of both charities, everyone agreed that there are good things to look forward to – particularly in the positive signals received from public health authorities about awareness activities and the benefits of joint working, which will enable both charities to go as far and wide as they can.

After all, we both want the same thing – which is to beat this devastating disease.

You can watch the full Zoom call on The Believe and Achieve Trust's blog.

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