Kick meningitis into touch

16th July 2015

Rugby league fans off to the Wigan Warriors game this Friday against local rivals Widnes have the opportunity to convert their visit into a health awareness message

Our supporters will be out in force at the match handing out our signs and symptoms cards to the crowd as they enter the ground.

The family of Alisha Bartolini, who died aged 18 last November, has been given permission to raise awareness at the game. There is also going to be an awareness piece in the programme on the night.

Chris Hughes, our Community Support Officer in the North West, will be there too. 

“We’re so grateful to Michaela Bartolini and her partner Sean Bradley for all their hard work in organising this awareness evening in memory of Alisha – do come along and join us on the night if you can and help us kick meningitis into touch.”

Chris Hughes

Meningitis signs and symptoms card

Be meningitis aware

Meningitis and septicaemia can kill within hours. Knowing the signs and symptoms, remaining vigilant and reacting quickly can save lives. Check them now