Levana's GCSE success

25th August 2017

Sixteen year old Levana Hanson is celebrating after getting six passes in her GCSE’s yesterday.


Her success comes after years of adjustment and determination, after her legs were amputated following a battle with meningitis.

Levana from Tewkesbury contracted the disease when she was a baby, but she fought back and survived.

Her determination has helped her to adjust to life and achieve the grades she needed to get into the sixth form at Tewkesbury school, which understandably left Levana and her proud mum Glenda Hill with huge smiles on their faces.

Levana said: “I’m most pleased with my Sports Studies, in which I got a C. I now want to do that and Health and Social Care at A-level, as well as re-taking my Maths GCSE.”


She has always been determined to remain active, despite her disability, and has become one of Britain’s best swimmers in the S8 category.

After trying other sports including sitting volleyball and karate, Levana decided that swimming was the activity for her. In fact, she’s so passionate about the sport that she is thinking about becoming a swimming teacher.

Levana admitted it had been difficult to find the time to practice her swimming whilst also studying, saying: “I was so nervous coming in today.”

Glenda explained how her daughter has dealt with numerous hospital appointments and illnesses, whilst also studying for her exams and practicing her swimming. She said: “She’s had a really tough time this year. The reality of her situation has kicked in.”

“Swimming was taking up a lot of her time but getting into the sixth form, that’s a really big thing. The school have been absolutely fantastic with her.”

Proud Mum

The proud mum continued: “Okay, so she didn’t get all A*s, but she worked so hard and has got into the sixth form on merit. A lot of people don’t realise how hard she has to work and put that extra bit of effort in.” 

The next challenge for Levana will be in December when she takes part in a national swimming competition in Manchester.

Levana is a shining example of someone who has fought back against meningitis, and overcome huge barriers to reach her full potential. 

Congratulations Levana for your great results and getting into sixth form, from everyone at Meningitis Now!