Making life after meningitis that little bit easier

2nd July 2015

Supporting those affected by meningitis is at the forefront of what we do at Meningitis Now

Tania Jenkins

The help we provide can be in many forms - be it emotional support through our helpline and one-to-one visits, or through financial help.

In a bid to make life just that little bit easier, Meningitis Now can fund various types of support to aid recovery both physically and psychologically. 

We have recently funded an easily accessible shower-room for meningitis sufferer, Tania Jenkins. 

Tania contracted the disease in 2010 and has suffered a number of after-effects, including mobility problems and epilepsy. The new shower has given Tania back her dignity and independence, and helped to ‘lighten-the-load’ for her family.

“The first time I had a shower was totally amazing. When you’ve washed out of a bowl for six years this feels like heaven, I will be forever grateful to Meningitis Now and forever indebted to them for helping me. I can’t put into words what this has done for me; you could see the pressure lift off Steve and the kids. No more lifting heavy bowls”

Tania Jenkins

Meningitis Now awards more than £250,000 every year to those affected by meningitis. Grants help to reduce the financial pressures faced following the disease. Funding helps families with a variety of needs, such as specialist equipment, therapy, travel and accommodation for hospital visits, training, funeral and headstone expenses, and rehabilitation. 

“Facing life after meningitis can be terrifying so providing support for those suffering after-effects is just as important as support upon contraction. Through our financial grant scheme we can fund many different forms of support that will make life easier for people suffering the after-effects of meningitis.”

Susanne Malcolm