Marathon fundraiser Dorothy

27th December 2017

54 year old Dorothy from Uttoxeter in Staffordshire, completed the Birmingham marathon this year in memory of Rubie, the daughter of her close friends Kerry and Russ, who tragically lost her life to meningitis

Marathon fundraiser Dorothy
Here her daughter Caz, tells us about her amazing mum!

“The news of Rubie’s death left us all heartbroken; we couldn't believe it at first. They are such a lovely family who didn't deserve what happened. We were lost for words. Rubie was such a beautiful little lady who is very sadly missed. My mum has always wanted to run the London marathon but keeps getting turned down! So, she decided that the Birmingham marathon would be a good practice for when she gets a place in the London marathon.”

“She followed a program she got off the internet, and she now runs with a running club on a Monday and Thursday evening. She also did several 5 and 10k runs as part of her training. All through her training she kept saying 'I'm not a runner at all’, but she has definitely proved herself wrong!”

“On the day itself, seeing Kerry (Rubie's mum), Alfie (Rubie's brother), her children (Caz, Claire, Paula and Steve), her husband (Tony), her grandchildren (Ivy, Jamie and Rhys), and lots of close friends at different points around the 26 miles, really gave her a boost and helped to motivate her.”

“Also the thought of Rubie and the money she was raising spurred her on, knowing that the money she was raising was going to such a worthy cause. My mum was ecstatic once she had finished the marathon. At the time though she was really disappointed with her time, but she was so pleased she had finished.”

“She had been through a real mix of emotions in the weeks prior to the run – nerves and doubt - that she was so pleased she had actually completed it. I never had any doubt in her - she is such a determined lady that when she says she is doing something she does it, no matter how difficult it is! She always puts everyone else before herself.”

“Kerry and Alfie went along to cheer my mum on throughout the marathon. It was a very emotional day and they were very grateful of what my mum was doing for them. She helps the family with different events to raise money and awareness, and they are very grateful for that. From the two challenges she has completed this year (the marathon and Rubie’s walk); my mum has personally raised £700! She does Rubie’s Walk every year, and last year she did the whole 17 mile walk barefoot.”

“I am proud to say that my mum hasn’t hung up her running shoes yet! She is determined to keep going until she gets her place in the London marathon. She has already entered a 10k winter wonderland run in London, and is planning to do the Birmingham marathon again and the Manchester marathon next year too! I'm so proud of my mum and the fabulous things she has done.”

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