Marking the milestone of school

19th May 2015

Nichola Conlon took part in last year’s Great North Run for us to mark the massive milestone of her daughter Evie starting school in September

Marking the milestone of school

The mum from Newcastle upon Tyne wouldn’t claim to be a fanatical runner, but wanted to celebrate Evie’s recovery from meningitis by completing two triathlons and the world’s biggest half marathon.

“It was a fantastic and moving day” Nichola said. “The crowd and the atmosphere they created all around the course was amazing and I was so pleased and proud to be able to take part for Evie and Meningitis Now."

“It’s so important to raise funds to support their invaluable work and raise awareness of the disease that almost robbed me of my daughter.”  

Three years ago Evie was rushed to hospital. “I was told to expect the worst and that if Evie survived she would be severely brain damaged and unable to lead a normal life”, Nichola added.

“Doctors told me if she had arrived in hospital an hour later she would not be here today, and I know they are not exaggerating. According to her consultant she is nothing short of a miracle."

“Starting school is a massive milestone for a brave little girl who has been through so much in her life already.”

Evie suffered damage to the left side of her brain and was completely paralysed down her right side. She had frightening seizures and was unable to talk, walk or even sit up unaided. For six months life consisted of living in a hospital ward constantly waiting for the results of blood tests, EEG readings and MRI scans.

But, with support from Meningitis Now, Evie fought back and despite the damage the disease caused shows every sign of being a normal, happy and healthy 5-year-old now.

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