Meet our new Community Ambassadors

13th October 2015

Meet our latest Community Ambassadors – Nottingham grandparents Cliff and Jeanette Bull

Cliff and Jeanette
Cliff and Jeanette, aged 72 and 70, from Keyworth, will work alongside our regional team in their local community to help fund vital research, raise awareness and support others who have suffered from the disease.

The role recognises the part played by committed supporters in our work. Cliff and Jeanette become just two of 33 people around the UK to be invited to become a Community Ambassador

Real honour

“Becoming a Community Ambassador is a real honour. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to give something back to Meningitis Now and make a difference with your work in our local community.” 


In March 2012 Cliff and Jeanette received devastating news about their grandson Charlie McVey that was to change their lives overnight. Charlie, aged 14 at the time, lived with his mum Claire, dad Joe and sister Mollie in the south of France.

“Charlie woke with a temperature and a rash and Claire knew that something was seriously wrong and rushed him to Bezier hospital.” 

“He was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis together with septicaemia. He was in a coma with little light at the end of the tunnel, but the specialist team of doctors and Charlie’s strength and will power helped him to survive this devastating disease.” 


Charlie is a keen cyclist with several wins in France and the UK and now, after recuperation, is back into competitive cycling – see the blog here

Passionate and committed

“As Community Ambassadors for Meningitis Now we are passionate and committed to promoting awareness to everyone of this awful disease and hope we can give something back to the charity who have always been there for us and our family in our time of need.”


“We’re thrilled that Cliff and Jeanette will be the face of our charity in their local community, working alongside our regionally-based team members."

“With their continued support, enthusiasm and hard work we’ll be able to achieve so much more in our fight against meningitis.”

Steve Dayman MBE

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