Meet our newest Community Ambassador

10th July 2015

Selfless mum-of-four, Lynette Adjei, 48 of Birmingham, has been invited to become a Meningitis Now Community Ambassador to fight the life-threatening disease

She takes on the prestigious volunteer role after fighting back from her own family experience of the disease.

“Becoming a Community Ambassador is a real honour. The fateful day our healthy eight-month-old son, Ato, was diagnosed with meningitis was life-changing, not only for him but for our entire family. Since that night our lives have been centered around Ato and his needs.”

“He was admitted to hospital with a very high temperature and was diagnosed several hours later with septicaemia before suffering a respiratory arrest. Ato was on a ventilator in an induced coma when we received the news that he had pneumococcal meningitis.”

“Although I knew the word meningitis, it didn’t mean a lot and pneumococcal was like double-dutch.”

As a Community Ambassador, Lynette will work alongside Meningitis Now regional offices to raise vital funds and awareness, providing support to people in her community.

“I know first-hand how devastating this disease can be. Doctors fought for hours to save Ato’s life and he was left with considerable brain damage. He has severe communication and cognitive delay, autism and epilepsy.”

“I work part-time and have also made it my mission to support the work of Meningitis Now. There are very few people who spend time in my company who haven’t learnt of the devastating impact meningitis and septicaemia can have on lives and the importance of spreading awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease.”

“In my ideal world, no one should find themselves feeling as vague and ill-informed as I did the night I encountered the words pneumococcal meningitis.”

“As a family we do what we can to assist Meningitis Now in other endeavors such as manning information stands and fundraising. I want to ensure that no one in my community goes through meningitis alone.”

“I’m delighted to have been invited to formalise these activities in a role as a Community Ambassador and look forward to continuing working alongside other volunteers and staff at Meningitis Now.”

Lynette regularly holds awareness talks for Meningitis Now and represents the charity at awareness events alongside her daughter, Johari.

Meningitis Now has 37 Community Ambassadors across the UK. The role recognises the part played by committed supporters in the charity’s work.

“We’re thrilled that Lynette has joined us as a face of the charity in her area. Her contribution to the charity is commendable; helping us spread awareness and raise vital funds towards eradicating meningitis in the UK.”

“She will be working alongside our regional members. Through their support, enthusiasm and hard work, we can achieve great things and together we can beat this disease.”

Sue Davie, Meningitis Now Chief Executive 

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