Parents protect their children with meningitis vaccine

6th April 2017

In September 2015 the UK became the first country in the world to offer its newborn babies the new meningitis B (Men B) vaccine, Bexsero


The vaccine was introduced into the Childhood Immunisation programme after an extensive campaign by Meningitis Now.

The vaccination programme ensures that all new born children, aged up to one, are offered the Men B vaccine through the NHS. The programme consists of three vaccinations, one at two months, four months and a catch up at 12 months.

Nearly two years into the vaccination programme, Meningitis Now has welcomed the news that 93.1% of all children aged 12 months in February 2017 have received two doses of the lifesaving Men B vaccine.

Uptake remained high

Data released by Public Health England (PHE) shows that uptake of the vaccine at 12 months of age has remained high since the vaccine was first offered to babies in 2015.

Mark Hunt, Director of Communications at Meningitis Now said:

“This is the second year that vaccine rates for the Men B vaccine have been high. There is clearly a risk to children not receiving the vaccine as recommended by PHE and we would encourage parents not to take this risk and get their child vaccinated on time.

“We are also very conscious that the Men B vaccine is not being offered to all at-risk groups and that all parents should get to know the signs and symptoms of meningitis, trust their instincts and seek urgent medical help if they suspect the disease – early diagnosis and intervention significantly improve outcomes”.

Figures released by PHE in September 2016, showed that the Men B vaccine almost halved meningitis B cases in vaccine eligible children in the first ten months of the programme starting.

If your child is eligible for the Men B vaccine, follow the lead of other parents and get your child vaccinated. Don’t take the risk, protect your child.