Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Meningitis experience inspires Dragonfly Sky

Andy Hopkinson | 18th July 2021

We’d like to say a huge thank you to musical duo Dragonfly Sky, and wish them well with their new song – Willow Tree

Meningitis experience inspires Dragonfly Sky

The Surrey-based duo held a fundraising event for us last Saturday by hosting a day long live-stream, which raised a fantastic £1,500.

The stream coincided with the launch of ‘Willow Tree’, a song about coming to terms with a near-death experience. It was inspired by one half of the harmony-driven acoustic duo’s battle with meningitis 

Amy Whiter contracted meningitis as an adult and was seriously ill and left fighting for her life in hospital for two months. 

Changed my outlook forever

“This experience happened in 2011 and changed my outlook forever,” Amy said. “Although obviously a very frightening experience, it left me with a renewed and profound sense of love for family and friends, and a greater appreciation for life. 

“The song is really an exploration of being in this strange place somewhere between life and death, and about coming to terms with the experience. 

“The Willow Tree is for me a symbol of the bridge between life and death. Would I meet my loved ones in this life or the next?”  

Critical acclaim

With heartfelt vocals, soaring strings and a driving rhythm, ‘Willow Tree’ pulls you in and entrances you and is already receiving critical acclaim.

It is composed by Amy (lead vocals) and Chris Lee-Delisle (guitar and vocals), and the track also features the talents of violinist Phil Beer (Show of Hands), cellist David Floer and pianist Rob Harvey. 

“We really wanted to raise awareness and give something back,” Amy said. “The cover art for the single release, drawn by one of the music streamers Scott Watson, was auctioned off on the day also. 

“His sister contracted meningitis at three months old, so the charity is also very important to him.” 

Something quite special

“We wanted the video to be mystical, a little trippy, and to evoke a dream-like out of body experience to reflect the themes of the song,” Chris said. “And I think we have achieved something quite special. 

“It shows a world in which time is reversed, slowed down and sped up or reflected and inverted. We wanted it to show Amy’s journey to the other-worldly place that bridges life and death.”

It’s well worth a watch and a listen. You can do both here: