Meningitis Now is causing Mayhem for May

1st May 2015

Our Community Development Manager, Helen Whatmore, explains what it is and how to get involved 


I was so inspired by one of our supporters Alison Hobson’s idea for May Mayhem for meningitis that I wanted to get involved as well. As you can imagine being a fundraiser for Meningitis Now there are many opportunities to get involved in and all sorts of ideas to support our charity.

May Mayhem really appealed as the fundraising is so flexible all based around 31: give up something for 31 days, do a challenge for 31 days or simply raise £31. My challenge is to encourage 31 members of staff and trustees to sign up to raise £31 and to raise money by raffling one day of my holidays. I have asked staff to choose a date in May and secure the square by donating £3.10.

So far things are going well; Sue our CEO has signed up and is encouraging all our trustees to join in, Richard Greenhalgh is the first to join the mayhem. Seventeen further members of staff have also agreed with fitness challenges, giving up favourite treats and even encouraging their family to get more involved with chores.

Some of our regular supporters have joined in with Sarah Povis giving up chocolate for a month and our corporate partners Leigh Day and Caroline Gardner cards have got behind this initiative.

You can find out how you can join in the mayhem here