Meningitis Now executive founder awarded ‘Local Hero’

21st July 2015

Meningitis Now’s Steve Dayman, MBE, has been presented with a ‘Local Hero’ award for his heart-felt work, fighting the disease and supporting those affected

Pork pie party

Steve Dayman, who was instrumental in the meningitis movement, was nominated for the award by both staff and supporters. The award recognises his monumental achievements in the meningitis world, leading a 30 year crusade against the disease following the death of his son, Spencer, in 1982. 

“When we lost Spencer we were heartbroken. I wanted to do something he would be proud of and get meningitis recognised as a disease of national importance."

“What we have accomplished at Meningitis Now wouldn’t have been possible without everyone else who has been involved, from staff, volunteers, fundraisers and our supporters."

“I thank them for their help, which has been fundamental in our achievements over the last 30 years, and I believe one day we can beat meningitis for good.”

Steve Dayman MBE

The award, granted by savoury pastry products producer, Pork Farms, celebrates the achievements of everyday people. It recognises ‘kindnesses or selfless acts carried out by people who really make a difference to their community’.

“We all have someone in our lives that we appreciate and we want to give everyday people the chance to celebrate those in their lives who make a difference to them."

“Meeting Mr Dayman was a pleasure – I was touched by his modesty. His dedication to such an important cause has saved, and continues to save, so many lives. The selfless work he does day in, day out, has supported thousands of families across the UK and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Kim Burgess, Head of Markets at Pork Farms

Staff and supporters of Meningitis Now celebrated with Steve as he was presented with a bottle of champagne and framed certificate by Stroud Town Mayor, Kevin Cranston, at a ‘pop up party’, held at the Stroud based office on Wednesday, 16 July.