Meningitis Now Winter Warning

16th November 2016

Flu or meningitis, would you know the difference? Meningitis and septicaemia can be fatal make sure you know all the signs and symptoms

Winter warning

More cases of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia occur in the winter months, fighting off common coughs and colds can make our immune system weaker and leave us more vulnerable to bacterial infections like meningitis.

Early symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and muscle pain are very similar to flu, but someone with meningitis or septicaemia can get a lot worse very quickly, keep checking them.

More specific signs and symptoms to look out for include fever with cold hands and feet, drowsiness, confusion, pale blotchy skin, stiff neck, dislike of bright lights and a rash which doesn’t fade under pressure.

In babies, symptoms can also include, being floppy and unresponsive, a dislike of being handled, rapid breathing, an unusual moaning cry and a bulging fontanelle (soft spot on the top of the head).

If you are concerned, trust your instincts and get medical help immediately. Acting quickly can save lives.

You can also contact our helpline to request symptoms cards, these handy cards have all the essential information, can be popped in to your purse or wallet and you can make sure all your family, friends, child carers etc have one.

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