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Meningitis scare on Eastenders

Andy Hopkinson | 17th June 2022

Spoiler alert. Look away now if you’re an EastEnders fan and plan on watching next week’s episodes…

Meningitis scare on Eastenders

EastEnders has lined up a terrifying health scare next week for Chelsea Fox's baby son Jordan. 

Chelsea gave birth to Jordan at 24 weeks over Christmas, just a day after discovering that her new husband Gray Atkins was a murderer. 

Although Chelsea has been focusing on moving on with her life in the wake of Gray's arrest, she is concerned when Jordan appears to be under the weather. 

She heads to work anyway, with Sharon picking up on how she's feeling and offering some words of encouragement. 

Sharon also decides it's wise to get Denise to check on Jordan and show her that they've had a video baby monitor installed, so she can check on him any time she wants, which reassures her a little. 

Nightmares are confirmed

Sharon manages to convince Chelsea to stay for a drink after work at the club, but her worst nightmares are confirmed when she comes home to find paramedics in attendance, with them leaning over Jordan as they try and treat him. 

Jordan is rushed to hospital and taken to be seen by doctors and nurses. They come up with the conclusion that he could have meningitis.

A distraught Chelsea worries she has neglected him and blames herself for him being sick. 

Will Jordan be okay? (Probably the cue for the dramatic EastEnders drumroll!)

Chelsea had been initially worried about keeping baby Jordan, toying with the idea that she should have him adopted as he reminds her too much of her ex-partner Gray, who is currently in prison for the crimes he committed. 

Needs Jordan, and he needs his mum

However, she soon realised she needed Jordan as much as he needed his mum and has been slowly but surely settling herself into life as a single working mother, with the help of her friends and family around her. 

Well, fear not in this case dear reader/viewer – there is no soap-style dramatic ending. Chelsea is later relieved to learn Jordan is in the clear, it wasn’t meningitis but a viral infection. However, the situation serves as a wakeup call and she makes an important decision about their futures. 

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday (20 June) and Tuesday (21 June) at 7.30pm on BBC One. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer. 

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