Meningitis Now staff member Megan Thompson

Keep Meningitis In Mind - the results are in

Megan Thompson | 24th July 2020

Our coronavirus impact survey tells us more about how COVID-19 is impacting people affected by meningitis

Coronavirus impact survey after meningitis

In June, Meningitis Now carried out a coronavirus impact survey to find out how the pandemic is affecting people whose lives have been impacted by meningitis.

285 people responded to the survey and told us about how COVID-19 is impacting their lives. Many of the concerns and worries that people told us about are things that most people are worried about during this difficult time – financial worries, homeschooling, missing friends and family.

However, for people already affected by meningitis, these concerns are amplified or more complicated because they were already living with the impact of meningitis before the pandemic began – whether that is living with physical or mental health after-effects or coping with bereavement.

Adapt to a new normal

The results of the survey – which you can read here – will help us to develop our services as we all adapt to a new normal.

Director of Research and Support Bev Corbett says, “The most important thing for me and my team is making sure we’re providing the right information and support for people affected by meningitis. That’s why it’s so important for us to hear from our supporters through surveys like these - the results are going to be hugely helpful for us over the coming months. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the survey.”

Read the results of the survey here.