Miles for Meningitis

3rd July 2019

A lightbulb moment while running on a treadmill led to a fundraiser involving a whole gym and raising a brilliant £1,300 for Meningitis Now

Claire Crimmins Miles for Meningitis fundraiser blog

The Miles for Meningitis idea was the brainchild of Claire Crimmins, from Cheshire, who became involved with Meningitis Now after her son Kenny contracted the disease when he was two years old.

Claire said she had organised a few fundraisers over the years since Kenny, who is now 15, was diagnosed. But one day she decided it was time to involve all her fellow gym-bunnies at the Brookvale Recreation Centre in Runcorn.

“I was on the treadmill in the gym one night when I thought of the idea to do the Miles for Meningitis with all of the gym members taking part running, walking and cycling on the treadmills and exercise bikes,” she said.

“I thought we could do the fundraiser over the course of a week and everyone could write down the distance they’ve done everyday to see how many miles we could walk, run or cycle in one week."

“In the end we reached a total of 2,118 miles - which is the distance of Runcorn to Cyprus”.

Claire said choosing an exercise-based challenge had been inspired by her love of the gym. “All the staff and gym members were involved,” she said.

“We all had such a great week and a good laugh – the gym had a great buzz vibe all week and people were so involved in putting in their personal best distances every day.”

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