New toes for Billie

21st February 2018

Young makeup artist Billie was just beginning to live her dream when she was struck down with meningococcal meningitis


In October 2017, Billie Watkins became extremely poorly with meningococcal meningitis, a form of bacterial meningitis where the infection can lead to septicaemia and septic shock.

Since Billie graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, her dream has been to work in Film. Billie had the opportunity to work within this field, securing her first trainee make-up artist job in Autumn last year.

However, just a few months later she became poorly on set and was sent home with flu like symptoms. Within hours she was in intensive care and was placed in an induced coma for just over 2 weeks. 

As she battled the effects of the disease, Billie's circulation focussed on keeping her major organs alive and moved away from her feet and hands. 

Her close friend Sarah, who has set up a JustGiving page, said, “As a makeup artist, your fingers are your tools, like brushes or magic wands. Billie is left-handed and whilst in her coma, her mum and dad tirelessly massaged her left hand to give hope that one day she would be able to continue her amazing journey in makeup artistry."

"Thankfully her hands will make a full recovery and we thank God, the hospital team and all of Billie's friends and family for their support and love."

"Sadly, Billie lost all of her toes this week following amputation, which has caused her severe pain.”

"This funding page has been set up to enable Billie to get the much-needed treatment that she needs to be able to walk freely again, and one day to have an amazing set of prosthetic toes."

Sarah continued, “With her artistic flair, I am sure she will have the best-looking toes in the biz. We fully appreciate everyone’s kindness and will keep you updated on her progress.”