News on the latest JCVI recommendation

15th July 2015

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and  Immunisation (JCVI) has concluded that the meningococcal group C (Men C) vaccination given to three month old babies can be withdrawn from the Childhood Immunisation Schedule

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On reading the minutes of the JCVI’s meeting of  3 June 2015, we are not surprised by its recommendation given the very low number of Men C cases in the UK.

The news reflects the success of the Men C vaccine since its introduction in 1999. Enhanced surveillance of meningococcal disease enables these decisions to be made and ensures that vaccines are used appropriately. It is vital that uptake of all vaccines remains high, particularly when changes are made to the schedule. The introduction of a Men ACWY vaccine for 14 – 18 year olds from August 2015 will help to ensure that meningococcal disease caused by these groups remains under control.

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