Nick takes on the 10K

16th May 2019

Our supporter Nick Gilbert, who owes his life to the kindness of a stranger after he became ill with meningitis on a night out, is taking on a running challenge to say thank you for his recovery

Nick takes on the 10K

Nick, now 24, was on a first date last year when be became seriously ill. Whilst making his way home he collapsed and a young woman, whom he knows only as Ellen, realising he was ill and not drunk, called an ambulance and sat with him keeping him conscious until it arrived.

The data analyst, from Brixton in London, said: “I realise now how important that was. If I’d managed to make it home or had never gone out I think I would have just gone to bed, and wouldn’t have received the timely treatment I got.

“So, I don’t really like to think about what could have happened.”

Now Nick is taking on the Vitality London 10K on Monday 27 May for us to say thank you for his recovery.

“Looking back I should have realised it was something more serious than a bad reaction to alcohol or a hangover, but your first instinct isn’t to think the worst,” Nick said.

“I ended up spending over a week in hospital on IV antibiotics, after I was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis. Thankfully my body responded really quickly to them and the infection cleared. After I was discharged I was still under the impression that I’d be fine in no time, and I realised pretty quickly that this wasn’t the case at all. I was tired a lot of the time and had severe headaches. This resulted in me taking four weeks off work."

Challenge to perform

“The reintegration into work and normal life was something I didn’t imagine would be as hard as it was. My job requires a lot of concentration and problem solving and I experienced headaches/migraines and fatigue for about five months post hospital. It was a challenge to even attempt to perform at a level in my role as I had pre-meningitis.”

“Luckily, I was and still am surrounded by incredibly supportive colleagues, friends and family. who were patient with me during my recovery, allowing me to pick up relationships I had before I was ill. With all this said, I know how lucky I am to have only had the after-effects I did and to be able to say I fully recovered.” 

Meningitis Now events officer Kirsty Owen-Hayward said: “Nick’s story shows that this disease can strike anyone – even those who consider themselves to be fit and healthy. We’re pleased to see he’s doing so well now and hope he enjoys the event.

The London 10k takes place on Monday 27 May, starting at St James’s Park and finishing opposite Buckingham Palace. To support Nick’s efforts visit his sponsorship page.

Read more on Nick’s story.

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