North-East meningitis survivors

25th July 2018

Tilly Lockey and Lyndon Longhorne have individually been campaigning and raising awareness of meningitis for years, but now they are coming together and uniting in the fight against meningitis

Tilly and Lyndon

The pair are well-known in the North-East with local communities following their stories since they were babies, and it is this popularity and interest that they are hoping to draw upon as they stand together to raise awareness.

The dynamic duo are hoping that their combined efforts will not only raise vital awareness of meningitis, but also show the world that despite living with the after-effects of the disease you can still lead a very successful and happy life.

Both Tilly and Lyndon had limbs amputated in a bid to save their lives; Tilly had both hands removed and lost her toes, and Lyndon had both of his legs, part of his right arm and the tips of the fingers on his other hand removed.

Despite the challenges that Tilly and Lyndon have faced, they are both achieving great things in their personal lives. Lyndon is currently training for the Para-Olympics in 2020, and has recently become a first-time dad to his beautiful baby girl Aubree-Olympia; and Tilly has been busy helping prosthetic companies develop 3D printed bionic hands for children and teenagers.

One of the main objectives of joining forces is to show that no one affected by Meningitis is alone. Sarah Lockey, Tilly’s mum and Community Fundraiser for the North at Meningitis Now said: “We are on a mission to create a large Meningitis Now family in the North East, who will stand together to fight meningitis.” 

“Together we can support each other, raise awareness, and fundraise together as one big team. Just think how powerful that could be – helping to reach Meningitis Now’s vision that no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.”

Tilly and Lyndon are keen for supporters to hold their own fundraising events or take part in challenges to raise money for Meningitis Now. They are also happy to come along and support fundraising events in the North-East. 

The pair are also in the process of discussing ideas to host their own fundraising event, with some weird and wonderful suggestions being made!

Sarah continued: “I am extremely excited to see what Tilly and Lyndon can achieve together. We do not want to keep seeing families affected and devastated by this disease. We want to make people more aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis, and we’re asking the North East to get behind us.”

Tilly and Lyndon are two very determined young people. Their families were told to prepare for the worst and say their goodbyes - but both survived against the odds. 

They live with the effects of meningitis every single day, but don’t let their experience define them. They show strength and compassion, and want to help others that have experienced this horrible disease too. 

Their stories have already proved inspirational to others, with Tilly receiving positive, heartfelt messages after she appeared on Davina McCall’s ‘This Time Next Year’. One mum said: “I knew my daughter was going to be ok after her amputations because I saw how strong Tilly is.” 

If people are interested in helping Tilly and Lyndon raise awareness and fundraise for Meningitis Now, please get in touch with Sarah:


T: 07864763025


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