Now and Forever – Eva’s appeal

4th August 2015

We’ve received some wonderful comments from you as part of our summer appeal, which tells the sad tale of little Eva Davidson, who contracted meningitis on 24 January 2015 at just 22 days old and passed away six days later


Part of our appeal pack was a pledge card, where we left space for you to finish the sentence ‘Eradicating meningitis means so much to me because ...’

We’ve had a heartwarming response to this, thank you. We’d like to share just a few of your comments:

‘The gaps it leaves behind are so hard to bear’

‘This awful disease killed our lovely 10-month-old grandchild. Our grief is lifelong but a cure will give us joy and a long life to so many others’

‘We lost our lovely daughter at the age of 18. She had all her life to live and I would love it if no other parents had to go through what we have’

‘The terrible grief and devastation it causes in people’s lives is heart wrenching. For people to be spared the consequences would be wonderful’

‘After losing a 14-week-old daughter to meningitis the family is pleased to celebrate the christening of their son tomorrow. This donation is in lieu of presents for him on this special occasion’

‘In memory of Eileen, who loved to dance and belonged to a tap dancing troupe, but contracted meningitis and died at the age of 14’

‘Having lost my nephew, aged 18, hardly a day goes by when I don’t ask “what would he be  ... now?” A terrible disease’

‘I hate to think of other families going through the trauma that we went through losing my daughter’

‘My brother died in 2009 – such an unexpected heartbreaking experience for both me and our parents’

‘I lost my only daughter and know what heartache and feeling of loneliness it brings’

‘I want others to feel as lucky as us every day that our gorgeous boy survived’

‘I have four healthy grandchildren and I don’t know how mothers cope with such an illness’

Because they are so amazing we’ll be making a collage of your responses and putting it on display in our office, to inspire both us and our visitors.

There is still time to be part of this appeal - we still need your support. By making a donation today you can make a real difference in the fight against all forms of meningitis.

Whatever you are able to give will help us to save lives, so please give generously and return your gift today.

Please donate to our appeal

You can also donate £3 through your phone by texting MNOW to 70007.

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