Now and forever - support Eva's appeal

4th July 2015

Our Summer Appeal this year tells the sad tale of little Eva Davidson, who contracted meningitis on 24 January 2015 at just 22 days old and passed away six days later

Now and forever Eva's appeal
Eva died of meningitis caused by Group B streptococcal bacteria (GBS), the most common cause of meningitis in new born babies. Coincidentally, this July is Group B Strep Awareness Month.

No current vaccine could have saved Eva. Not the existing ones in the childhood immunisation programme. Nor the ones that the Government has recently announced it is introducing from this summer.

"Our love for our precious little girl will never leave us, and will drive us to keep fundraising to prevent this devastation from happening to other families.”

“As parents you just want to look after your baby, but we couldn’t help."

“During that week we clung to any good news, but when told to prepare for the worst, we knew our darling girl wouldn’t pull through."

“It was heartbreaking letting Eva go to sleep forever in our arms.”

Eva's parents, Laura and Huw Davidson

More research desperately needed

Eva’s story shows why more research is desperately needed. A world where babies can be protected against all strains of meningitis is possible.

By making a donation today you can make a real difference in the fight against all forms of meningitis – even those for which no vaccine currently exists. Together, with your support, we’ll be there for as long as it takes to beat this disease.

A vaccine against GBS is already under development. We’re already funding a £150,000 research project. Data from this will be essential in making sure everyone who needs this vaccine gets it when it becomes available. 

It’s one of the many research projects we fund across the country. These couldn’t happen without your generosity.

That’s why we’re asking for your help today (link to donate form), so we can move closer to that day when no one loses their life to meningitis.

Please give generously

Whatever you are able to give will help us to save lives, so please give generously and return your gift today.

“We take such strength in knowing the money raised through Eva’s story will help to eradicate bacterial meningitis.”

Laura and Huw Davidson

Look out for our appeal dropping onto your doormat this weekend or early next week and please give what you can afford.

Thank you.

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