Meningitis Now staff - Cheryl Brown

Keep Connected with Meningitis Now’s online support events

Cheryl Brown | 30th October 2020

Following the successes of our recent online support events for those affected by meningitis on the subjects of education and mental health, we are asking you to let us know what you would like to see from future virtual supports

Meningitis Now's online support events

Feedback from our first events confirmed that participants found them helpful and would be interested in attending future events:

“I felt connected and it was good to speak with people who understand” 

We were told that the events gave people an opportunity to gain mutual support and understanding, reduce feelings of isolation and also offer hope and positivity about the future:

“Everything I feel is understandable... I'm not the only one”

Read a full summary of the event evaluations.

During the pandemic we understand that it has been a challenge to access services, so it is important to us that we keep connected with those affected by meningitis and continue to offer an opportunity for mutual support and friendship.

Now we would like to hear from you about what events you would like to see next. That includes those who have had meningitis themselves as well as parents, carers and family members of those affected. We’d like to hear from families and individuals who have survived meningitis, as well as those who have sadly lost a loved one to the disease. 

You can register your interest and tell us what you would like to see next by completing our online form.

The events are open to UK residents who are over 16 and have a meningitis experience.