Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Paying tribute to Annalise after meningitis

Andy Hopkinson | 9th March 2021

Moving tributes to a smart, funny, brave and beautiful young girl who lost her life to meningitis last year celebrate her love of adventure whilst also supporting our work

Paying tribute to Annalise after meningitis

Annalise, known as Annie, sadly fell ill and died from pneumococcal meningitis in February 2020. But, in a double tribute to mark the anniversary of her death, both her school and the local stables where the 11-year-old rode have been fundraising for us and raising awareness in her memory.

Annalise’s parents David and Tracey, from Croydon, told us: “Annalise’s school, the Royal Russell School, have kept her spirit alive by setting up An Adventure for Annie – a challenge which has raised over £1,595 so far to fight meningitis.

Go on an adventure

“The challenge is to create a GPS picture while out on a family walk, run, cycle or ramble, have some fun and go on an adventure – just like Annie did every day of her life.”

David added: “This is a lovely idea by two of her teachers and everybody has been very supportive.”

On its fundraising page the school added: “Annalise was an amazing young lady who lived for adventure. She embraced every single opportunity that came her way, gave it 100 per cent and loved new challenges and adventures.”

Spirited youngster

And, in a similar vein, the Park Lane Stables in Teddington, where Annalise was a member of the Pony Club, have also been remembering the spirited youngster.

The stables also set up a fundraising page to honour Annalise’s memory. “Annalise was one of a kind. Smart, funny, brave and beautiful,” it says. “The hole she left in our lives was so big. There will never be anyone like her.

“Park Lane Stables was so important to Annie; not just the riding and the horses, but the people and the community there.

“To honour Annie’s memory the stables will put Annie’s name on a stable door, making her a permanent part of stable life.”

Paying tribute to Annalise after meningitis

Taught us kindness

David and Tracey added: “Our daughter taught us kindness, a joy for life and an unbridled curiosity. She was passionate about horse riding, playing football and tried to be the best version of herself.

“We are so proud of what you achieved for yourself in your short but fulfilled life and heartbroken and shocked that you were taken from us so suddenly. It helps to know so many others who have shared kind words with us saw your beauty inside and out.”

Lucie Riches, our Senior Community Support Officer, said: “Annalise’s sad story shows the devastation meningitis causes, not just to the immediate family but within the wider community as well.

“These are lovely tributes to a special young girl and we’d like to pass on our grateful thanks to everybody who has contributed to them in her memory.

“By doing so you’re helping us to continue raising awareness of meningitis and supporting individuals and families who have been impacted by it – thank you.”