The People's Projects funding application

29th September 2017

We are applying to The People’s Projects for funding to help more adults affected meningitis

People's Project
Meningitis can affect any one, at any age.  

Adult survivors need emotional and practical support to rebuild their life after meningitis. Through our range of support services we aim to give adult survivors the support they need to rebuild positive futures. But with the help of funding from The People’s Projects we hope to do more to help adults affected by meningitis.

Meningitis survivor, Joanna, has been helping us to apply to The People’s Projects by sharing her story in a three minute film, which you can watch here.

Joanna contracted meningitis as an adult; she was in critical care and nearly lost her life. Thankfully Joanna survived, but has been left with scarring and had her fingers and toes amputated. The experience of Joanna nearly losing her life was very frightening for her whole family and their lives have been changed forever by meningitis.

Joanna says that talking to other meningitis survivors really helps her and she regularly attends our Family Days to meet others. But these events focus on the needs of children who have had meningitis, whereas as adult survivors will have different support needs.  

Our Community Support Officers regularly meet adults struggling to access the support they need.  Our 2015 ‘Meningitis and Me’ research found that less than half of people have good access to information about how to manage after-effects.

Earlier this year we were awarded a lottery-funded ‘Awards for All’ grant to hold a Rebuilding Futures Day for adult meningitis survivors.  The day will focus on the challenges adult survivors face, and how we and our partner organisations can support them as they rebuild their lives.  This event will take place in March 2018 in Birmingham - registrations will open soon on our website. You can however register your interest now.

We now have the opportunity to apply for up to £50,000 from The People’s Projects to support adults affected by meningitis.  This opportunity is being provided by the BIG Lottery Fund and ITV.  If chosen, we would use this funding to develop the way we support adult survivors and carers - including emotional and practical support, peer support, regional workshops and development of supportive literature addressing the issues that adult survivors regularly face. 

If Meningitis Now is shortlisted, our project will go to a public vote on ITV and we will need the help of our supporters to gain as many votes as we can.  Fingers crossed we get through to the next stage – watch out for news about this on our social media pages.